BIPS (Bond Information and Pricing Services) is an application and information system for the Indonesian fixed income securities. BIPS is developed by IBPA to provide market participants with fair price and yield information on government T-Bills, bonds and sukuks, corporate bonds and sukuks, and RMBS (residential mortgage backed securities).Who needs BIPS ? Market participants who need reliable marked-to-market IDR fixed income securities fair price information, may use information on BIPS for trading, asset valuation, risk management, as well as audit and compliance purposes. Market participants include fixed income traders and broker dealers, fund managers, risk managers, wealth managers, pention fund, insurance, banks, securities companies, company issuing bonds, financial auditors, regulators, market & research analysts.

BIPS offers two types of services :

Pack Silver
1. Indonesia Gov’t Securities Price & Yields (SPN, SBN, SBSN) – Mid Day & EoD - Corporate Bonds & Sukuks – EoD
2. Residential Mortgage Back Securities – EoD
3. Gov’t & Corp. Bond Yield Curves, Yield by Tenors, Credit Spread Matrix by ratings
4. Securities Info (Bond Lists)
5. Gov’t Bond Indices – Total Return Index, Price Index & Yield Index
6. Download Price & Yield files
Pack Gold
1. Complete Pack Silver, plus
2. Gov’t and Corp. Bonds Trades & Quotations (summaries, details & historical)
3. Pricing Info (historical price & yield, movements, comparations)
4. Research reports – Midday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
5. Portofolio
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